7 days after graduation

Fear was the feeling that overpowered the day I stepped into the grounds of my school on the first day of class. I did not have much idea what this whole ‘college’ thing was. All I just have in mind is that I have to go through it, graduate and get things done. The transition from high school to college wasn’t even that smooth. I still remember at some point when I was in my first year where I questioned if I will be able to control myself given this huge amount of freedom from doing things and whether will I be able to fully adjust with this kind of environment which is totally new to me.
And then fear was eventually replaced with confidence. As I continued my studies, I did not just acquire learning on the basis of a classroom set up, but more to that, I was able to build myself up. One of the things that I’m grateful about college is it pushed me to my limits which made way for me to discover a lot of things about myself. I was able to recognize a different version of myself, that of which I haven’t thought of. It made me see my potentials and built the inner confidence and belief in myself that I am able to do great things in life.
College has given me so much to remember and the thought that it just ended cringes my heart the more I think about it. More to the knowledge I acquire, which I will forever thank my mentors (teachers) for, I met certain people who made me change my views about the world. And for sure I will remember these people. If there’s one thing I’d like to thank college for, it is the opportunity to know my real friends. The ones who helped me carry my shit together because they won’t let me do it alone. The ones who never judged me and my decisions instead they supported me, but of course a slap of reality is always ready when I need it the most. The ones who I know will always be there for me. And they occupy a huge portion in my heart, that of which I am truly grateful for. They made my life even more wonderful by just being in it.
Now that the real world is knocking on my door, I will surely miss college. I will miss the corridors where I used to spend most of my free time in between breaks chit-chatting with my friends. I will miss the four walled classrooms that witnessed all the tricks and tactics I maneuvered just to pass an exam. I will miss all the bad ass behaviors I used to do just because I want to make the most out of being in school. I will miss everything, the reckless behaviors and all the crazy shenanigans in between. But most especially I will miss every person I used to spend my everyday with.
Just when most of the people who just graduated is now thinking about their future, here I am still holding on to these college adventures that in any moment, given the chance I’d love to go back to.


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